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More Rancho, and then the dregs of the album

On the I-10 30 miles east of Indio a white Pathfinder driven by a hype skying on heroin rammed into the Geo.  The car rolled three or four times (accounts vary) and although it was an E-ticket I slept through it all.  I woke up covered in blood and broken glass, and surrounded by strangers in yellow slickers who took me to Indio emergency.  Superficial wounds for me, but finis for the Geo.

Defunct cadre

My first Cessna 150 somewhere in Alaska

whoring in Jamaica

Homestead solar array. Too much trouble, too expensive, for me.

The Clampett-mobile on the road to the Tukes homestead. It's a Volks bug turned into pickup.

Shack I came across while working as a volunteer BLM wilderness ranger

Petit Canard on the Sacramento. Purchased at auction for $300.

Not the right car for this, but it's what I had. I'm taking tires from a dump for use in building the shade ramada.

Leaf armor

This guy lives in a tipi near Ukiah.

Snooty woman

My version of a heat chimney was blown off in a storm. But the idea is probably good.

Canterbury coot. I backpacked through England for a few months.


Mosquito abatement. The homesteader is going to need some cash, which means a temp job of some kind. This was outside work, loosely supervised, and the results hard to quantify.

Sun juice

Rancho bath house

Party at Skip's


The reality check here is that I never had enough water to fill the bath, and the pump for the fountain got fouled with sand. The so-called shower was a plastic wading pool and a pesticide sprayer.

Vegan Star. He lives in a hidden tent in the woods behind a major California university.

Chuckwalla High spirit team

All the homesteaders use evaporative coolers. This was my butt simple version. It worked okay.

This is the solar array for a year-around homestead. Too much trouble and expense for me. I used the car alternator to pump up a few extra batteries.

Interior of Grimes' tipi

The hobo descending into his buried trailer.

One pot cooking at the Rancho

Death Valley canyon

Beet Baily

Skip and Meg, Big Island

Girl reading, with bicycle

The King Canute, a Cal 25

Chuckwalla Ride

Chuckwalla Massage Parlor

Pioneer Park. Very peaceful. A guy could spend some time here.

Porch view