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House sitting and camping in this batch

The downtick in the housing market has presented an opportunity.

The kitchen in a plastic bin. This is for house sitting. I bring my own kitchen. Less cleaning, less chance of breaking something.

The all-electric kitchen for houses with juice. I hate to clean a stove, so I bring a hot plate, electric kettle, and a toaster. The small heater is for winter warmth. I never use the central heating.

Heidi's desert tub. Sun warmed water, a little privacy.

A four cylinder, 1.6 liter combustion chamber is the best that the average mope can do for economical travel. The pod on top holds the tent, cot, and bedding.

Kathy's Kosmic Kafe in Terlingua, Texas.

A week at Death Valley. A simple camp, but all the amenities.

Adobe cabin in Terlingua Ghost Town. Some of the old miners' shacks rent for $130 a month.

Then tent in the house. Winter in Stockton, CA. Low 50s during the day, in the 30s at night. A small electric heater in the tent was all I ever used.

Two month backpack through England, France, and Spain. No roofs or restaurants. Every night on a pitch such as this one.

Tenting Today. Two recent state college grads live in a tent in a public campground. Not that interested in a job, or in success, Samland style.

Couple of mopes on top of Mount Whitney.

Color coordinated ice cream vendor strikes a pose.

J.R. and Lori are pioneer homesteaders in the Smoke Tree

"Daisy in Armor' is the cover art for Tenting Today

A desert shower

A fire dancer at one of Skip's parties

A portrait from the Belly of the Whale collection

The Hobo emerging from cover